Paycheck Guidelines
Creating a Paycheck is pretty easy. Merchant needs to do the following:
  • Login to Faspay Dashboard, input username, password and also input captcha for success login.
Login Faspay Merchant Page
  • Open menu Disbursement on the main navigation, and then click Paycheck
  • On the paycheck page, this section is used by merchant for creating the Paycheck, merchant needs to fill some fields that are needed to create a link for Paycheck, after that click Create
Paycheck page
Use the following information as a guide to fill the form:
Source of fund
Source of fund that you want to use for this Paycheck.
The total amount that you want to send.
A description that you want to tell to your customer the purpose of this Paycheck.
Recipient Email Address
Email address of the recipient, Paycheck link will be sent to the inputted email along with a PIN.
Expiration date
Date to determine when the link is going to be expired. If the date isn't selected, the link is going to be expired in 24 hours automatically.
  • After clicking Create button, a Paycheck Confirmation will pop up, if the data field correct then click Confirm.
Paycheck Confirmation
  • After confirming, an email will be sent to the recipient. It contains the link to Paycheck, instructions, and a PIN that needs to be inputted to claim the Paycheck. Click the Claim Paycheck button to be redirected to the Paycheck page.
Paycheck email Message
Claiming Paycheck
Recipient should have received the email of the Paycheck that contains:
  • Amount
  • Merchant's Name
  • Expired date
  • PIN
  • Description
  • Claim Paycheck button
  • After clicking the button, recipient should be shown a form transfer of the Paycheck.
Paycheck Form - Recipient
Recipient can check the Amount and Expired date of the Paycheck on screen. There is also a button to switch languages between EN for English and ID for Bahasa. After recipient has filled out the form correctly, click Transfer
Use the following information as a guide to fill the form:
Select Transfer Type
Select the destination of the fund to receive.
Recipient Account Name
Full name based on recipient's account.
Recipient Account
Account Number.
Recipient Bank Code
Code of the bank.
Security code that has been given in the email.
  • Then a transfer confirmation pop up will appear, make sure the data that has been filled in is correct, and then click Confirm.
Transfer Confirmation
  • If the recipient has confirmed that inputted data are correct, recipient will receive a message on the screen that transaction is in the process and recipient should check the email within 10 minutes.
Message of Transaction is on process
  • Recipient should check their email after have got a message on the screen. If the transaction is success, recipient will get an email message that their transaction is success and already got the fund from the Paycheck.
Success Email Message
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