BTN VA Static


BTN VA from Bank Tabungan Negara is a new payment channel that is integrated into Faspay Collection. It operates through Virtual Accounts, which are digitally generated for individual customers. To initiate payments, customers are directed to their respective Virtual Accounts, each identified by a unique customer ID number. In BTN Virtual Account Static, this is a type of static transaction TRX ID / static Transaction ID that can be paid multiple times with one virtual account number.

Flow Transaction BTN Virtual Account Static


  1. After the user checkout at the web merchant and selects payment using the BTN VA method. Merchants post data to Faspay.

  2. Faspay will create a billing request to BTN, and then BTN will send a response back from the billing request to Faspay.

  3. Faspay will forward the post-data response to the Merchant.

  4. Then, wait until the user has finished making the VA payment.

  5. After the transaction, BTN will send a payment notification to Faspay and Faspay will forward the payment notification to Merchant.

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