Response Code Error Transaction

For all the good deals are successful or rejected, indications that occur are as follows:

  • No response from the Bank.

  • Faspay error in the system

  • Bank error in the system.

  • Transactions on the block because it meets the criteria as the type of transaction fraud / problems

For some of the obstacles that occur as above, actions to be taken are:

  • Check Parameters ‘err_code'

    • Showed any indication of shipping error response from the system while processing transactions faspay

    • If there is no error and the transaction is not in the block, then the value to be displayed is 0.

    • If the transaction in the block, the error code that is sent is "5527".

    • If the response given value is not equal to 0, the transaction failed.

  • Check Parameters 'err_desc' that describes the error that occurred in the parameter 'err_code'

  • If the parameter 'error_code' = 0, then the merchant should check another parameter that caused the transaction to fail, the parameters that should be checked are as follows:

    • If the merchant with a payment method with credit card, check parameter 'bank_res_code' and 'bank_res_msg'

    • If the merchant is using direct debit, check parameter 'bank_status_desc'.

    • If the merchant is using a prepaid payment, check parameter 'prepaid_response_code' and 'prepaid_response_message'.

Information cause of the failure of the transaction should not be informed in detail to the customer, but if the merchant would like to view the information, the information to be displayed can use language that is easier to understand the customer. Merchant may store transaction failure occurring reason for reference, but the response can only be in the inquiry through the query API faspay.

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