Product Catalogs

Product Catalogs is a menu used to manage master data from Rooms, Product Categories, and UoM, which will later be used when creating Billing/Invoice.

Create New Product Catalogs

  1. Select the "Items" on the "Faspay Billing" menu, click "Product Catalogs" to display the Product Catalogs menu page.

  1. On Product Catalogs menu, click "+Create" to add new product.

  1. The "Add New Product" page will be displayed.

  • Input new product data, in the "Product Code (SKU)" field if it is not filled in, it will be auto-generated directly from the system.

  • In the "Stock" field, if it is not filled, it will be included in the "unlimited stock" category of the product.

  • In the "Tax Include in price" checklist, if it is checked, there is no need to fill in the price of the product including tax in the Tax column.

  1. This is an example of inputting new product data. Click "Save" to save the data.

  1. The new Product Catalog data detail have been successfully created.

Edit Data Product Catalog

  1. Select the product data that will be changed to the "Product Catalog" menu page. Then, display the product catalogs data detail and click "Edit".

  1. Display the "Edit Product Catalog" page and make an edit to the data that's need to change. Click "Save" to save the change.


All fields on the "Edit Product Catalog" page can be changed.

  1. A notification message will be displayed, that the product catalogs data will be processed, click "OK" to continue.

  1. Next, it will display a notification message that the data was successfully processed and click "OK" to continue.

  1. The following is a detail of the product catalogs data that was successfully changed.

Delete Product Catalog

  1. Select the product catalog data to delete.

  1. The product data detail will be displayed. Click "Delete".

  1. A confirmation message will be displayed, click "Yes" to continue the process.

  1. A notification message will be displayed, click "OK" to continue.

Search & Sort List Data Product Catalogs

  1. On the "Product Catalogs" menu page, there is a search data column based on code, product name, category and price. The following is an example of searching data based on "Product Name”.

  1. Product catalogs data can be sort by No, Code, Product Name, Category, and Price column. The following is an example of sorting list data based on the order of product name.

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