Static VA Open Generator

For merchant that use Static VA Open, generate VA can be done by following this step:

  1. On Billings menu click Static VA List.

  1. Then click Generate Static VA.

  1. Choose customer, then click Select Bank.

Notes: When generate VA you can also choose multiple group/customers in one time.

  1. Choose bank, then click Generate VA.

  1. Ensure that you select bank according what you need, then click Yes, Generate.

  1. Click Save to downloading the excel file, that contains VA numbers.

Notes: You can choose whether or not to save the excel file. In case you didn’t save the excel file you can access the VA that has been generated on Static VA List.

  1. This show the list of static VA that successfully generated, on the excel file.

As merchant, you can copy and send the Static VA to customers for payment. The system also automatically creates mass invoices without sending them to customer's email, enabling effective payment tracking. Static VA Open will always available/open for payment until it deactivated.

Notes: For Static VA Open if the invoice has been canceled the VA that used will automatically deactived.

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