Faspay Woocommerce.....This is official Faspay extension for the Woocommerce E-Commerece platform.

Requirements :

  • WordPress v3.9 or greater (tested up to v5.4.2)

  • WooCommerce v2 or greater (tested up to v4.2.2)

  • PHP version v5.4 or greater

  • MySQL version v5.0 or greater

  • PHP CURL enabled server/host


  1. Download plugin woocommerce

  2. Login to your Wordpress admin panel

  3. Go to Plugins menu, click add new. Search on your local folder

  4. Install and follow on screen instructions.


  • Go to Woocommerce -> Settings -> Faspay Payment Gateway Global Configuration

  • Fill Merchant Name with your merchant name register in Faspay system

  • Fill Merchant Code with merchant code given by Faspay

  • Fill Mechant Password with transaction password given by Faspay

  • Select MID plan if you using Credit Card service

  • Tick on Faspay debug if you want enable logging process

  • Go to Woocommerce -> Settings -> Payments to enable payment channels

  • Select payment channel and click setup to install the selected payment channel

  • Click manage to configure the selected payment channel

  • Choose the Environment option

  • Choose Enable/Disable option

  • Fill the Tittle with text button that you want to display to customer

  • Fill the expire date to set how long the transaction will expire

  • Fill the Description with text button that you want to display to customer

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