Getting Started

You can access settlement history by following this step:

  1. On transaction page, click Settlement.

  1. As default, it will show Settlement history in a day, if none it will show "No result found".

Search Settlement History

You can search settlement history in 3 ways, including:

  • by Transaction Date

  • by Bill No

  • by Transaction ID

Search by Transaction Date

  1. Choose date range, on Settlement Date.

  2. Then click Apply.

Date can be selected maximum in 7 days range.

  1. Next, click Search to show the data.

Search by Bill No

  1. Input Bill No.

  2. Click Search, to show the data.

Search by Transaction ID

  1. Input Transaction ID.

  2. Click Search, to show the data.

  • When you click Clear Value, it will clear the search result, and then show today's transaction history.

  • If you haven't selected a specific Transaction Date, as default it will show today's transaction.

Filtering Debit Transaction History

You can filter the Credit Transaction History in two ways from the header row.

  • You can input the keyword based on the data that you want to show, then click Enter.

  • You can also click the dropdown button, choose one from the options.

Show Columns

You can specify which column that you want to show on your history list.

  1. Click Columns dropdown button.

  2. Checklist columns name that you want to show.

  3. Click Apply.

Export Settlement to Excel

You can export your transaction to excel, as follows:

  1. Click button Export, on the bottom page.

  2. Then click Excel, and your transaction history will be downloaded in Excel format.

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