Retail Payment Integration Guide

One of the payment methods offered by Faspay is Retail Payment. By using this payment method, customers will have the option to make a payment via retail payment and Faspay will send real time notifications when the customer completes the payment.

At this moment, Faspay has integrated the following retail payment methods:

  1. Payment Point Indomaret

  2. Alfagroup

Basic integration process of retail payment will be explained below.

Integration Step

  1. Post Data Transaction to Faspay

  2. Display Payment Code

  3. Payment Notification

1. Post Data Transaction

Post data transaction should be done from merchant backend, the detailed API reference can be found here

Every Retail Payment channel will use the same API request, the difference is only on payment_channelvalue for each retail payment channel.

This is an example of post data transaction for the Retail Payment channel

   "request": "Post Data Transaction",
   "merchant_id": "99999",
   "merchant": "Sophia Store",
   "bill_no": "20201222113632",
   "bill_reff": "20200324_02-2286704_336",
   "bill_date": "2020-12-19 06:04:29",
   "bill_expired": "2020-12-19 07:04:29",
   "bill_desc": "Payment Online Via Faspay",
   "bill_currency": "IDR",
   "bill_gross": "100000",
   "bill_miscfee": "100000",
   "bill_total": "200000",
   "cust_no": "01",
   "cust_name": "John Doe",
   "payment_channel": "706",
   "pay_type": "01",
   "msisdn": "8562927907",
   "email": "",
   "terminal": "10",
   "billing_address": "Jl Sabang 37",
   "billing_address_city": "Jakarta",
   "billing_address_region": "DKI Jakarta",
   "billing_address_state": "Indonesia",
   "billing_address_poscode": "10170",
   "billing_address_country_code": "ID",
   "receiver_name_for_shipping": "John Doe",
   "shipping_address": "Jl. Sabang 37",
   "shipping_address_city": "Jakarta",
   "shipping_address_region": "DKI Jakarta",
   "shipping_address_state": "Indonesia",
   "shipping_address_poscode": "10170",
   "item": {
      "id": "A001",
      "product": "Invoice #2286704",
      "qty": "1",
      "amount": "100000",
      "payment_plan": "01",
      "tenor": "00"
   "reserve1": "",
   "reserve2": "",
   "signature": "b8e8b132d1fba3b958fd427b22b88349b7b4c16d"

Post Data Transaction response

You will get the post data response like the following

   "response": "Transmission of Purchase Detail Info",
   "trx_id": "9999970000081018",
   "merchant_id": "99999",
   "merchant": "Sophia Store",
   "bill_no": "20201222113632",
   "bill_items": {
      "id": "A001",
      "product": "Invoice #2286704",
      "qty": "1",
      "amount": "100000",
      "payment_plan": "01",
      "merchant_id": "99999",
      "tenor": "00"
   "response_code": "00",
   "response_desc": "Success",
   "redirect_url" : ""

2. Displaying Payment Code

there areTo display the payment code there are two option:

  1. Displaying payment code on merchant's web page

  2. Redirect to Faspay's page to display the payment code, expired time, and how to pay instructions. Read the detailed API reference here or just simply use redirect_url that retrieved from Post Data Transaction Response (for JSON Format).

To display payment code on merchant's webpage use the trx_id response from Post Data Transaction as Payment Code

Don't forget to display the expiration time and how to pay instructions too.

3. Payment Notification

Payment notification from Faspay to Merchant backend will also be triggered on event of transacion status getting updated, to ensure merchant is securely informed. Please provide the URL and make sure it's already register on Faspay system

The detailed API reference can be found here

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