Billings List

Billings is a menu used to manage Customer invoice data.

Billing List

The Billing List is a submenu of Billings. To access this menu click "Faspay Billing" → "Billings". The following is a view of the Billing List page.


A description of the invoice status on the Billing List page, as follows:

  1. Draft: Invoice data that is stored in a draft and hasn’t yet sent to the customer.

  2. Unpaid: Invoice has been sent to customer but no payment has been made.

  3. Partially Paid: Partial payment has been made, but not yet full.

  4. Paid: A full/full payment has been made.

  5. Overdue: Overdue is past the payment due determined.

  6. Cancelled: Cancellation of the submitted invoice.

  7. Proforma: Temporary invoice submitted to customer for confirm the bill, invoice data can still be change if it is not appropriate.

The following is an action that can be taken on invoice that have been created:

Export CSV

Invoice files can be export into Excel and PDF format, the following are the steps to export:

  1. Select the invoice file on the Billing List page, → checklist the selected file and click "Excel" icon to export the file into an excel format.

  1. Invoice file in excel format will be displayed.

  1. As for exporting into PDF format, select the invoice file on the Billing List page, then check the file. Next, click the "PDF" icon to export the file into PDF format.

  1. Invoice file will be displayed in PDF Format.

Search Invoice

  1. On the Billing List page to search data, it can be done by inputting the invoice data keyword in the search field.

  1. The search results such as the following will be displayed.

Cancel Invoice

Cancel invoice on the billing list menu page can be done by:

  1. Select invoice by checklist the row of invoice data on the billing list menu.

  1. Next, click “Cancel Billing” icon.

  1. The confirmation message will displayed, and then click “Yes”.

  1. A notification that the invoice has been cancelled will be displayed.

  1. The following is a display of invoice with a status of "Cancelled" on the billing list page.

Delete Invoice

Delete invoice on the billing list menu page can be done by:

  1. Select invoice by checklist the invoice on the billing list menu.

  1. Next, click the "Delete Billing" icon.

  1. It will display a confirmation message, click "Yes" to continue deleting.

  1. Data is successfully deleted.

Single Billing

Single Billing is an invoice that is made singly using the once, scheduled, or recurring type.

Create New Single Billing

  1. Select the Billing List menu on the Faspay Billing menu, then display the Billing List menu page. Click "+ Single Billing" to add new invoice data.

  1. Next, Single Billing form will be displayed.

Field Parameter Single Billing form



Customer data

Customer Name

Customer name (registered)

Add New Customer

Add new customer data

Billing Details

Complete billing data

Invoice No

Invoice number (auto generate)

Invoice Subject

Invoice subject

Invoice Language

Language used on the invoice

Invoice Type

Invoice type (choose as needed)

Invoice Date

Date the invoice was created

Due Date

Payment limit/due invoice created

Invoice Tax

Will appear if customer enable E-Faktur module.

If you activated the invoice tax, when system changes proforma to invoice, the system will automatically generate the tax invoice number for the invoice with the following conditions:

  • The tax invoice number is taken from the range of tax invoice available numbers on the E-Faktur No page.

  • The system will use the tax invoice number sequentially from smallest to largest (Ascending order).

  • The period of the tax invoice number that was used must be the same as the current year(Year Period)

Transaction code

List of transaction code (will appear if customer activated Invoice Tax).

01: To Parties Who Are Not VAT Witholder

02: To the Treasurer's Witholder

03: To the Witholder except Treasurer's

04: DPP Other Values

06: Other submissions, including submission to foreign tourists in the context of VAT refunds

07: Submission of which VAT is not collected

08: Submission of VAT Exemption

09: Delivery of Assets (clause 16D of the VAT Law)


Email header text

Add Room

Choice of invoice type item type "room"

Add Product

Choice of invoice type item type "product"

Add Other

Choice of invoice types other than room & product

Generate Invoice to PDF

Information for generating invoices to PDF format


To add a note

Show notes on invoice PDF

  • If checked, notes will appear on invoice document pdf file and on preview mode.

  • If unchecked, notes will not appear on the invoice document.


To attach a document

Button Option

  • Click "Save Draft" to save the data temporarily.

  • Click "Save & Send" to save and send a new invoice.

  • Click "Preview" to preview the invoice before it is submitted.


  • If the customer name is not yet available, then add new customer data by clicking "+Add New Customer" under the Customer Name field.

  • In the "Invoice No" field, if it is not filled in, it will be auto-generated (automatically filled with system numbering).

  • In the "Due Date" field, it cannot pass 1 day from the Invoce Date.

  • The "Add Room" feature is only available for Merchants of Hospitality type.

  1. Input the invoice data as needed, then click Save & Send.

  1. Click OK on success notification.

  1. The invoice information details has been successfully sent to customer email.

  1. The invoice has been successfully added to Billing List.

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