Getting Started

You can access notification history of your transactions by following this step:

  1. On transaction page, click Notification.

  1. As default, it will show notification history of your transactions in the last 30 days.

Renotif Transaction Status

You can resend notification status of your transactions, as follows:

  1. Cheklist the transactions.

  2. Click Renotif.

  1. Click Yes, to confirm.

Adjust Transactions Status

You can adjust the status of your transactions that have not been processed yet to either Success or Cancel.

  1. Click Adjust Status.

  1. Click on one of the Transaction ID.

  1. Input Payment Total, Payment Date and Payment Status, then Submit.

Searching Notification History

You can search notification history in 5 ways, including:

  • by Transaction ID

  • by Merchant ID

  • by Billing No

  • by Billing Date

  • by Status

To search the Credit Transaction History it can be done by:

  • Input the keyword based on the data that you want to show, then click Enter.

  • Click the dropdown button, choose one from the options.

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