SNAP Direct Debit


Direct debit API is used to simplifying customer transactions with merchant. SNAP Direct Debit enable customers to make a payment to the merchant using direct debit(DD) by using their debit account as Source of Fund(SOF). This allows transactions to be completed in a single step or with just one click within an application, thereby saving transaction time.

Standar Nasional Open API Pembayaran(SNAP) or national standard of open API is a standard of online payment API that made by Bank Indonesia(BI). This API standard is used for direct debit (DD) transactions across banks or payment channels in Indonesia and can be used 24/7. It empowers customers to use their direct debit accounts when conducting transactions with merchants.

Flow Transactions SNAP Direct Debit

This are the flow process of direct debit transaction SNAP version.

This is an overview of transaction SNAP Direct Debit. This transaction flow represents the journey of transaction using SNAP direct debit, it starts when a customer request a payment using direct debit to the merchant and finished when the payment has been completed by customer.

Flow Direct Debit Payment Cancel

This is the flow of direct debit payment cancelation.This flow represents a journey of direct debit payment cancelation that starts from merchant and finished at bank/payment channel.

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