Create Business Profile

You can create your business profile by Merchant Page.

  1. On Merchant Page, click Faspay Billing.

  2. Click Business Profile.

  1. Then, click Create Profile.

  1. It will show Create Business Profile page.

Add Profile Information

At Profile tab, merchant can add general profile information such as: name and bio profile.

Company name can’t be changed, as default, it will be in accordance with the profile credential. If you need to change your logos it can be seen here, and if you need to change your company name you can contact our internal team.

  1. Click Profile tab.

  1. Input Business Profile Name and Business Profile Bio(optional).

You can add multiple custom links or recommendation links to your business profile for your customers.

  1. Click Links tab to add links on your business profile.

Custom links can be used by merchant to add the link apart from recommendation links from Faspay.

  1. Input Link URL and Link Name, then click Add to Profile.

  1. Custom link (in example: company website) has been successfully added, and show on My Links section.

Product Catalog Link is used for merchant show their product list to the customers.

  1. Click Product Catalog on the Recommendation section.

  1. Product Catalog link will automatically made by system in accordance with Product Catalog on the Faspay Billing/Items.

Billing link is used for merchant made a billing payment to the certain customer.

  1. Click Billing on recommendation section.

  1. Input the name of customer that you are searching for.

  2. Select the customer name from the list.

  1. Click Select.

Payment Link is used by merchant as media transfer from customer, such as donation, tip, etc. It’s enabling customer to fill data such as transfer nominal, transfer description, recipient's email of transfer receipt, and customer phone numbers.

  1. Click Payment on recommendation section.

  1. Payment link automatically made by systems, show on My Links section.

The link that has been added to My Links section will not be displayed on Recommendation section.

Click the switch button to show the link on your Business Profile and vice versa.

Press the link, hold down and drag the link to the order that you want.

  1. Click edit icon on link that you want to rename.

  1. Rename the link as needed, then Enter to save the new link name.

  1. The new link name has been successfully saved.

  1. Click delete icon on the link that you want to delete.

  1. Click Yes, delete, to confirm deletion.

Add Social Accounts

Merchant can add their social accounts to their Business Profile.

  1. Click Social Icons tab.

  1. Click social media icon that you want to add on your business profile from Icon List section.

  1. Input the information of social media account, then click Add.

  1. The social media account has been successfully added, show on My Icons section.

You can add maximum 4 media social icons on your Business Profile.

Save Business Profile

  1. Click Save All Change to save all the information that has been added to Business Profile.

  1. Business Profile successfully saved.

Share Profile from Profile Page

  1. Click Share.

  1. Will show link and QR of your Business Profile that you can share to your customer.

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