OVO Integration Guide

One of the e-money payment methods offered by Faspay is OVO. By using this payment method, customers can make a payment via e-money website and Faspay will send real-time notifications when the customer completes the payment.

The basic integration process of OVO will be explained below.

Integration Step

  1. Post Data Transaction to Faspay

  2. Push to Pay

  3. Callback/Return URL

  4. Payment Notification

1. Post Data Transaction

Post data transactions should be done from the merchant backend, the detailed API reference can be found Here

This is an example of a request post data transaction for OVO channel

A. Post Data Transaction Request

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
       <request>Post Data Transaction</request>
       <merchant>Sophia Store</merchant>
       <bill_date>2020-12-19 06:04:29</bill_date>
       <bill_expired>2020-12-19 07:04:29</bill_expired>
       <bill_desc>Payment Online Via Faspay</bill_desc>
       <cust_name>John Doe</cust_name>
       <billing_address>Jl Sabang 37</billing_address>
       <billing_address_region>DKI Jakarta</billing_address_region>
       <receiver_name_for_shipping>John Doe</receiver_name_for_shipping>
       <shipping_address>Jl. Sabang 37</shipping_address>
       <shipping_address_region>DKI Jakarta</shipping_address_region>
	     <product>Invoice #2286704</product>

B. Post Data Transaction Response

You will get the post data response like the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<response>Transmission of Purchase Detail Info</response>
<merchant>Sophia Store</merchant>
	<product>Invoice #2286704</product>

2. Push To Pay

Push to Pay is a process to push Ovo's customer number

There are two options to do this process :

  • Redirect to Faspay's page so the customer can input Ovo's number and submit to Ovo's side, to do this use redirect_url which is retrieved from post data transaction response (JSON Format) or follows the detailed API reference Here

  • Please create your own page so the customer can input the Ovo's number on the merchant's website and submit it to Faspay.

How to submit Ovo's number to Faspay will explained below:

After post data transaction process please post the details below to Faspay's URL Endpoint

EnvironmentURL Endpoint





transaction unix id from post data transaction



customer's number already register on OVO




Sample code for Push To Pay from merchant's side


$user_id = 'john612345';
$passw   = 'p@ssw0rd';
$trx_id  = '9999981256572178';
$signature = sha1(md5($user_id.$passw.$trx_id));

$post =  array('trx_id' => $trx_id,
               'ovo_number' => '08817482255',
	       'signature' => $signature

$string = '<form method="post" name="form" action="https://dev.faspay.co.id/pws/ovo_direct">';
if ($post != null) {
          foreach ($post as $name=>$value) {
          $string .= '<input type="hidden" name="'.$name.'" value="'.$value.'">';

$string .= '</form>';
$string .= '<script> document.form.submit();</script>';

echo $string;


3. Callback/Return URL

After the customer completes the payment via OVO's apps, faspay automatically redirects the customer to the Callback/Return URL. Please provide the URL and make sure it's already registered on Faspay system. For the detailed reference can be found Here

4. Payment Notification

Payment notification from Faspay to the Merchant backend will also be triggered in the event of transaction status getting updated, to ensure the merchant is securely informed. Please provide the URL and make sure it's already registered on Faspay system

The detailed API reference can be found here

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