Static VA List

Static VA List contains VA that has been successfully generated.

  1. On Billings, click Static VA List.

  1. Here’s the list of Static VA that has been generated.

Field Parameters Static VA List


Date Generated

Date the VA is generated

Va Number

The number of VA

Customer Name

Customer name

Customer Group

Group of customer


Bank name


VA status (Active/Inactive)


Action button to see the details of VA and payment history

Search VA

You can search the data of Static VA, by these parameters:

  • Date Generated

  • VA Number

  • Customer Name

  • Customer Group

  • Bank

  • Status

As example, this the results when you search the data by Customer Name.

Export VA List

You can export all of VA lists that exist, or you can export it on certain dates.

  1. Choose the date range, then click Apply.

  1. Shows VA list based on the range date chosen, then click print icon button.

  1. Shows Success notification.

  1. The Static VA Lists successfully downloaded in excel file.

  1. Here’s the details of billing list that has been downloaded.

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