Customer Group


This is how to manage the Customer Group on the Customers page.

Create a New Customer Group

  1. Select the customer menu on the "Faspay Billing" menu, then display the Customer menu page. Click "Customer Group" to display the customer group page, and click "+Create" to add a new customer group.

  1. On the Add new group form, input data, then click "Save" to save the data.

  1. The data that has been successfully added will be displayed on the customer group list page.

Search & Sort List Data Customer Group

  1. On the customer group list page, users can search and filter data as needed by "Group Name” or by "Description" using the search form.

  1. This is an example of displaying data based on the "Group Name" filter.

Delete Customer Group Data

  1. Checklist the data on the customer group list page, then click "Delete”.

  1. A confirmation message notification will be displayed, to continue click "Yes”.

  1. The data that was successfully deleted will not be available on the customer group list page.

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