Developer Settings

A menu where merchant can configure their URL for notification and thank you page so merchant can monitor without having to request to Faspay.

This menu enables merchant to configure their URLs for Business product. Each of the fields have a tooltip when you hover your mouse on each field that will help merchant to know what the fields are used for. It consists of:

  • Payment Notification (Endpoint URL for received payment from Faspay)

Merchant can choose the format file for payment notification either in .XML or .JSON

  • Return URL (Redirect URL after the transaction has been completed)

  • Static VA Inquiry (Faspay inquiry destination after transaction has been paid from customer)

  • Credit Card Payment Information (Endpoint URL for received last status of credit card payment)

Merchant can input their desired URLs and then they can Save & Test to save their URLs and test to check the Response status.

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