Top-up E-Wallet is one of the features of Faspay SendMe (Disbursement) which serves to make it easier for merchants to add balances to their e-wallet as a means of payment using electronic money.

Transfer Flow

The following is an e-wallet top-up transfer flow on SendMe between merchants - Faspay – Bank.


  1. Merchant sends a Transfer Request to the Faspay side. The Merchant hits the URL API -> account/API/transfer.

  2. Faspay will validate the register whether the beneficiary account has registered in the Sendme account or not. If not, Faspay will automatically register the account.

  3. Furthermore, Faspay will re-validate the Merchant on what e-wallet platform is used. (Example: OVO, GoPay, DANA, and LinkAja)

  4. Then Faspay will forward the transfer request to the Bank

  5. Bank will send the response back to Faspay.

  6. Faspay will continue the transfer response to the merchant

For the integration step, please look forward to the section API Reference here

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