Postman Collection

Faspay now offers several Postman Collections (JSON & XML files) for quicker and easier usage of our APIs. You only need to import and set up your API.

You can download the file API Postman with the link below:

How To Import File Postman

  • Download the Postman application from here and install the app on your device.

  • Download the file Post TRX Example.postman_collection.zipabove.

  • Before importing, the downloaded zip must be unzipped first.

  • Click the Import button On Postman, for example, the button is at the top left:

  • Select files or folders, and you can also drag Postman files to import them.

  • The file will automatically be imported into the Postman collection.

Please note that before using our API, please request our integration team for credentials:

  • signature -> formula: $signature = sha1(md5(($user_id.$pass.$bill_no)));

  • merchant_id

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