Single Billing

Create single billing process aims to create a billing invoice to the billing recipient with transaction details are inputted in Faspay Billing. Billing and merchant receiver will both receive a notif

Steps Create Single Billing

  • Click the menu Recipient in the menu bar to the left and then click tab Recurrence status / tab Scheduled status

  • Click button Single Billing on the top right page

  • Billing Form Fill in the data receiver billingnya then click Submit



Recipient ID

The contents of the billing recipient Id number

Recipient Name

Fill in with the name of the billing recipient

Recipient Email

Fill in the recipient's email address billing

Recipient Address

Fill in the recipient's home address billing

Billing Number

Filled automatically by the system. Contains billing numbers

Billing Date

The contents of the billing date

Due Date

Fill in your billing due date

Invoice Subject

Fill in the title which will be displayed at the time of billing sent to the billing recipient


Fill with the language used to display billing


Fill with the merchant's existing department


Choose if you want once done sending billing


Choose if you want to arrange the delivery time billing


Choose if you want the delivery to repeated billing for a specific delivery period

  • Input the items purchased and then click Send Bill. Ensure that there is notif Your Invoice Has Been Saved




Filled automatically by the system. Contains data including the recipient billing


Filled automatically by the system. Contains data including merchant

Item Description

Fill with the data item name


Fill with the amount purchased qty

Unit Price

Fill in the amount of unit price of goods


Filled automatically by the system. Contains the total amount per line item

Sub Total

Filled automatically by the system. Contains a total amount across the line

Grand Total

Filled automatically by the system. Contains the total transaction to be paid

Add More Item

Button to add the detail items of goods

Add Detail

Button to add an additional item details

Pay Here

Button to create a new single billing


Fill it with additional information [if needed]


Button to add an attachment billing

Send Bill

Button to submit the recipient's email address to the billing billing


Button to see the display before it is sent to the recipient's billing billing

Billing recipient will receive an email notification to be paid billing display. Recipients can click the button billing Pay Here to proceed to the payment process. Billing recipient will be redirected to the payment page Faspay Xpress.

  • Click on the term and condition then click check out to go to the payment option page

  • Select the desired payment channel for payment billing. There are 7 types of payments, namely:

    • Virtual Account

    • Internet Banking

    • Mobile Banking

    • Credit Card

    • E-Money

    • Online Credit

    • Retail Payment

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