Static VA Close Generator

Here’s the guide to generate Static VA Close on Mass Billing menu.

  1. At Billings menu click Mass Billing.

  1. Shows Mass Billing page.

Field Parameter Mass Billing



Billed customer

Excel Template

Billing excel template, this excel contains data of customer bills. The template can be downloaded by group, by all customers, or blank template.

Excel file template details here.

Upload Excel

Field to upload the billing data in excel files


Allowed Extension : XLS, XLSX

Maximum Upload : 1 file, Maximum Size : 2 MB

Billing Details

Details of billings

Invoice No

Invoice number (auto generate)

Invoice Subject

Invoice subject

Invoice Language

Language used on the invoice (English/Indonesian)

Invoice Type

The type of invoice, including:

  • Once : One time invoice

  • Scheduled : Scheduled invoice

  • Recurring : Recurring invoice in certain period of time.

Invoice Date

Date the invoice was created

Due Date

Payment limit/due invoice created


Invoice header


Invoice notes

Shows notes on invoice PDF

If checklist the notes will shows on your PDF file.

  1. Download excel template, here's the guide.

  2. Click Choose File, then upload the excel file that has been filled with data of the customer bill items.

  1. Fill the billing details as needed.

  1. Then click Generate Static VA.

  1. Choose bank then click Generate VA.

Notes: Bank list is according to the merchant channels

  1. Next, ensure that you select bank according to what you need, then click Yes, Generate.

  1. Show Success notification, your static VA successfully generated.

  1. You can save the excel file by clicking Save, it contains static VA that successfully generated.

Notes: You can choose whether or not to save the excel file. In case you didn’t save the excel file you can access the VA that has been generated on static VA list.

  1. This shows the list of static VA on excel file. As merchant, you can copy and send the Static VA to customers for bill payment. The system also automatically creates mass invoices without sending them to customer's email, it’s enabling effective payment tracking.

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