E-Faktur is a feature that can be used by user to easily manage tax invoice number, tax invoice file or send tax invoice file into merchant from Faspay Billing.

How to Use

Enabling Faspay Billing E-Faktur

To use E-Faktur user need to ensure that has been enabling E-Faktur module that accessible from Merchant Page Settings. This is a step-by-step to enabling E-Faktur module:

  1. On Merchant Page click Settings.

  2. Then click Faspay Billing Settings NEW^{NEW}.

  3. Next it will show Billing Settings Page, on Features tab ensure that E-Faktur Module already checked.

  4. After that click Save.

  1. Click OK on the notification pop up. So, E-Faktur module is enabled now.

Faspay Billing E-Faktur now accessible on Faspay Billing → E-Faktur. This E-Faktur page contain 3 tabs menu, such as:

  1. E-Faktur No: this menu is used to manage tax invoice serial number that will be used when user need to generate tax invoice number.

  2. Export CSV: this menu is used to export E-Faktur CSV file.

  3. E-Faktur Files: this menu is used to upload E-Faktur file into system or send E-Faktur file into customer by email.

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