End User Indicator (EUI)

These references comprise EUI code that is used to show how the merchant's web server should react to handle the transaction response received from faspay system.



Success, When merchant get this response, the page to response to the customer should be inform customer of successful authorization and transaction will be processed immediately


Retry. This indicator is return when TXN Status is F/RC/N/ or E. Merchant system should then advise the user to resubmit/retry to submit a new order. Because the initial request was not approved or data is insufficient


Alert. This indicator is used to inform merchant that the transaction cannot be auto-capture. This scenario can happen either because the auto capture threshold has been crossed or the system is unable to contact the FDS for a fraud risk score to be calculated. Merchant are advise to inform their customer that the transaction will be process require they staff to check the transaction first fore it can be processed. This is only applicable to credit card transaction.


Not Applicable, NA is return when auto capturing function is disabled; EUI is primarily to indicate to merchant if the transaction will be auto captured or if the transaction requires manually intervention. This is only applicable to credit card transaction.

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