Alfamart Cash Out

Cash Out service is one of the features of SendMe Faspay that is used by customers to withdraw cash / funds, but before customers can withdraw money, customers must get the cash out code number obtained from the merchant first.

  • Merchant sends a Transfer Request to the Faspay side. In the first process for create_trx, the merchant hits the URL API -> account/API/transfer.

  • Merchant will get a feedback response from Faspay and the merchant saves cashout_code data from the response that Faspay has sent.

  • After the user / merchant gets cashout_code, User goes to the nearest Alfamart to continue the Cash Out transaction.

  • From the Alfamart side will send a validate Cash Out to the Faspay whether the transaction is valid or not.

  • After Faspay gives response to Alfamart, Alfamart's side will do a Cash Out transaction.

  • Faspay will check again whether the cash out transaction is appropriate or not.

  • After Faspay gives response success to Alfamart. Then the User can withdraw cash.

  • Faspay sent a payment notification to the merchant that the Cash Out transaction at Alfamart was successful.

For Alfamart cashout there is a reversal condition, where when the payment process at Alfamart then there is a timeout to the Faspay / Alfamart within 45 - 60 seconds, then Alfamart will automatically send the reversal to Faspay and forward it to the merchant's side. This reversal process is the same as the transaction cancel process which will send transaction cancellation (Returned customer balance).

The reversal is done automatically on the Alfamart Server side and will be sent a maximum of 3 times, if the previous reversal still does not get a response, then the next minute will be reversed. Later Faspay will send a notification to the merchant's side to notify that the transaction has been reversed

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