BNC VA Static


The transaction process in BNC VA is divided into static transaction flow and dynamic transaction flow. The difference between static and dynamic transactions is post-data used. The Post-Data service in the static transaction is basically the same as dynamic Post-Data. However, there are differences in bill_no parameter.

If the static transaction, Faspay will generate a Virtual Account number when sending post-data to BNC System.

Flow Static Transaction



The customer/User checkout the product and choose a payment method with BNC Virtual Account.


Merchant will send post data request to Faspay, and Faspay will forward post data VA static to BNC VA


BNC VA will send a response virtual account static number which will then be forwarded by Faspay to the Merchant.


Merchant will inform the virtual account static number to the Customer/User.


Customer/User will make payment transactions.


After the transaction, BNC sends a payment notification to the Faspay side.


Faspay forwards the payment notification to the merchant side, and from the BNC side, it will also display the payment status to the Customer/User.

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