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This page describes and explains how to use Faspay Xpress as an alternative to making online payments with various payment channel methods.

Faspay Xpress is an alternative payment method for charging customers via email and chat platforms. Any business model and whether the customer/user has a website or not, the customer/user can accept online payments in minutes from various payment channel methods.

How To Use Payment Transactions in Faspay Xpress?

As for making payments using Faspay Xpress, there are several payment channel methods such as Virtual Account (VA), Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Credit Card, E-Money, Online Credit, and also Retail Payment. There are the following steps for payment using the payment method from the Payment Channels.

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If the user wants to switch the language to Bahasa Indonesia, switch the toggle button in the top right corner to ID. Vice versa.

Users can also see order summary detail by clicking dropdown button at Order Summary.

As an example, The following steps of a payment transaction using BCA Virtual Account

  • Initiate Payment, open a link in a browser, and choose BCA Virtual Account payment method. Click “Pay” to make a payment.

  • Display a confirmation message regarding the selected payment method. Click “Yes” to continue the transaction process.

  • Transaction Order Detail page will be shown on this page, and customer/user can follow the next steps, according to the type of payment chosen.

Users can save the transaction order detail by clicking "Save" and clicking "Email" then the transaction detail will be sent into user email.

  • If the customer/user wants a transaction detail file to be sent via email, click "Email" on the transaction order detail page. Input a customer/user’s email and click "Send".

  • The notification transaction detail file will display in the customer/user’s E-mail message. Customer can be download the pdf file which attached by email.

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